Costa Brava Spain

Fire over Torroella De Montgri

This fire started as we set out from L'Escala to visit Tamariu. It was only a small fire when we passed it on the way but as we rounded Torroella De Montgri and approached Pals I could see in the car rear mirror it was becoming huge and the smoke pall was changing the sun into a red/orange colour. We out ran the smoke in the sky and spent a couple of hours at Tamariu. Then the light changed at Tamariu to an erie orange colour as it reached us again. Some of my photography at Tamariu was affected by the colour from the sun filtered through the smoke pall.

Returning to L'Escala we were diverted by the police away from Torroella De Montgri and had to go quite some distance north then turn back south east. It was running back down towards L'Escala that I took this panorama of the fire as it pushed along the northern slopes of the hill.

From the veranda of the apartment at L'Escala we watched as fire fighting aircraft returned to dump load after load of water and what looked like a red coloured powder. After dark we watched the fire burn out to a large extent on the L'Escala facing slopes but we suspect it started to take hold on the Torroella side since we could see a red halo around the top of the hill.

The following morning there was very little left of the smoke but the aircraft continued to douse the slopes of the hill.

Here is a map that shows the area ...

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