Loch Avon

Loch Avon is Embedded in the middle of the Cairngorms mountains, and as such is probably one of the most remote and isolated lochs in the Scottish Highlands. There are no roads up to the loch except those only negotiable by land rover. This view is from the highest point which gives a view of the higher reaches of the glen and the the whole length of the loch. At the time it was getting critical as to whether I could take a panorama, and get back to my bike at the Ski Center before dark. I walked down to where I thought I had tied my bike to a fence under one of the new mountain railway support columns. This was just as it was getting really dark. I walked past the bike by a few hundred yards and had to plod back up the hill hoping I could see it in the rapidly deepening gloom. Well there it was, and I was very relieved.

Here is a map that shows the area ...

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