Crosby Merseyside

Crosby Rain Dance

This composite was produced in response to a request for works around the general theme of brollies for an exhibition in the Liverpool Academy of Arts at 36 Seal Street in the City of Liverpool. For this brief I spent several days photographing various people in the rain coming and going from the Sainsburys car park in Greater Crosby Merseyside, then pulled all the photographs together into this one image. I attended the Private View on Monday 7th February and was pleased to note that my framed print was sold at the asking price of £185.00.

Print Prices

LG 27.58" wide x 13" deep £570.00
A2 23.25" wide x 10.96" deep £160.00
A3 16.25" wide x 7.66" deep £80.00
A4 11.5" wide x 5.42" deep £40.00
A5 8" wide x 3.77" deep £20.00

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